What we do

Standard Products
OEM Projects

Standard Products for Partners in Each Area
We provide our own designed products for selected customers on their market. The completed range of Titan products could serve our customers for shop, retail, hotel, museum and residential lighting in order to help our customers to be better position in the market. In order to better position our customers, we also set strategies with customers to promote products. Based on strong link to the end-customer requests, our product and promotion can always be on the front of the market demand.

Long-term OEM Partner
We can follow your OEM drawing to produce products as a professional OEM manufacturer in lighting for years, we help our customers to produce parts or complete products based on customer’s drawing at a very reasonable cost. We also protect IP of our customers in each project to build up mutual trust and Long-term business partnership.

Who we are

Consistent High Quality Level Management and Market Oriented Service Provider

ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certificate
We continually improving our internal process and production to keep in good product quality level and ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Also, Titan serves customers not only as a manufacturing site but more as a market oriented team with, strong R&D resource and testing capability. We provide the best service to our customers to win the market competition.

Manufacturing Facilities
Painting Lines, Led SMT , CNC& Machining Center and 12 Assembly lines.

Special services

Professional ODM service
Selected Lighting consultancies

Professional ODM service Provider
We provide our partner the opportunities to realize product ideas into luminaires.

With more than 20 years in lighting business, we provide our partners the design availability to make individualized or customized products. We also provide needed test results for verification. It helps our partners build up their own Branding products in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Consultant for Lighting Design
We provide lighting solution to certain domestic customers for projects in Museum, Hotel, Residential and so on.

Latest Projects