Indoor Lights

  • Track System

    TITAN track system is TUV certified.

  • 產品分類 軌道燈系列 110x110

    Track Lights

    TITAN Track Lights offer a full range of products and extensive range of accessories to maximize a variety of space.

  • 產品分類 崁燈系列 110x110

    Recessed Ceiling Luminaires

    TITAN commitment of creating easy-install recessed luminaires with flexible applications.

  • 產品分類 吸頂燈系列 110x110

    Surface-mounted Ceiling luminaires

    Simplified and delicate style. Easy-installing guarantees flexibly applicability.

  • Display Case Lights

    Simplified and delicate style is the feature of  TITAN Display Interior Cabinet Lighting.

  • 產品分類 室內壁燈系列 110x110

    Wall Luminaires

    Different dimensions and light distribution for guide light or decorate light can solve a host of light tasks.

  • 產品分類 模組系列 110x110


    High quality LED replacements compatible with traditional halogen lamps.