Outdoor Lighting

  • 產品分類 戶外地插燈系列 100x100

    Garden Spot Lights

    TITAN design Garden Spot Lights with eco-friendly CoB  technology, can be available really fast.

  • 產品分類 戶外泛光燈系列 100x100

    Flood Lights

    TITAN designed floodlights with eco-friendly LED technology.

  • 產品分類 戶外吸頂燈系列 110x110

    Surface Mounted Lights

    Surface-Mounted lights using high-quality aluminium enclosure create

    a range of durable products.

  • 產品分類 戶外明裝壁燈系列 100x100

    Wall Lights

    Design with Eco-friendly CoB & LED technology, and protection built to IP65.

  • In-Ground Lights

    TITAN outdoor in-ground lights uses eco-friendly CoB & LED technology along with energy efficiency andlow maintenance.

  • Waterproof Series

    TITAN committed to create firm and solid outdoor accessories, All series build to IP67 protection.