防電等級三等級 點光源 出線250 截光角60° 出光圖 重點 不可覆蓋 ERP

Lighting Dimension                                                    DA-011A尺寸圖


‧Small and compact recessed down light for accent lighting, easy install.
‧Modularized light engine design to offer better flexibility on stock management.
‧Lumen package from 100lm to 700lm, can full cover Halogen lamp application.
‧Product design with bigger than 40° cut-off angle, creates good visual comfort.
‧DA-012A equipped with structured glass on the front, honey comb accessory is also available on request.
‧IP44 on the front.


Uniform symmetrical lighting projection is good for highlighted spots in restaurants, the meeting rooms, and other commercial spaces especially for partial focal lighting in a darker environment.

產品代碼: DA-011R. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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