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Lighting Dimension

DG-F02D 尺寸图


‧DG-F02 and DG-F03 series is with ultra-thin body design 19mm and 10mm, perfect fit into the limited installation depth.
‧800lm and 200lm light source provide needed brightness for cabinet lighting in bar, and kitchen, also good for home lighting.
‧Two beam angles design (25° and 50°) for DG-F02D to meet different light effect requirement.
‧Two fixed version with IP protection is good for special application such as bathroom and kitchen.
‧Patent tilting-rotating design version serve lighting designer requests.
‧Springs on the sides are easy for installation.
‧Eco-friendly technology of CoB with energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧Good thermal management guarantee long lifespan.


Suitable for thin cabinet, kitchen, bathroom and home lighting.

產品代碼: DG-F02D. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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