防電等級三等級 摆动15° 截光角25° 出光圖(重點的基礎) 不可覆蓋

Lighting Dimension



‧Thin Trim (frame) create high-end effect for clean ceiling design.
‧Recessed downlight good for varies type of LED lamp and halogen lamp.
‧Adjustable light head gives lighting designer more flexibility.
‧Fixation cover design provides end-user easy to change the lamp on the front side.
‧Deep anti-dazzled reflector enhance better glaring control.
‧40° cut-off angle when the light head at horizontal position.
‧Easy install by two spring.


Available to select different lamps as accent lighting or general lighting according to the lighting demand in the project.

產品代碼: DL-802. 產品分類: .

Available replacement light source

091-092 DL-802

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