防電等級一等級 點光源 旋轉355° 擺動90° 驅動內置 可調光 SW-010S出光圖 ERP

Lighting Dimension



‧Square track light family equipped with high-tech thermal management solution guarantee long lifetime span.
‧Neat and clean bracket with internal wiring provide needed rotating 355° and 180° tilting function (SW-010S), 355°and 90° tilting function (SA-010S) .
‧Triac-Dimming driver build-in, easy for customer to dim and install.
‧SW-010S can provide an wide uniform and square shape wall-washing effect.
‧Different beam angle lens available for SA-010S.
‧Optical lens/square Reflector create a precise spot and wall washing effect.
‧New OSRAM LED is reliable and with high energy saving technology.
‧Track adapter can be changed to fit Titan one or three phase track.


Is good for highlighting artworks in exhibitions, art galleries, showroom, retail store sand other commercial applications.

產品代碼: SA-010S/HT4-413B. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve

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