第一類組 OSRAM-LED 355 90度 build-in

Lighting Dimension




‧New square shape spot light equipped with high-tech thermal management solution provide enough light 1300lm..
‧Neat and rectangular bracket provide needed rotating 355° and 90° tilting function.
‧Different lens provide spot and flood lighting effect to meet different application.
‧Driver build-in, easy for customer to use.
‧New OSRAM LED with high lumen efficiency and save electricity cost.
‧Precise optical design create a smooth light distribution.
‧Adapter can be changed to fit Titan one or three phase track.
‧Anti-dazzle accessories will be ready on request.
‧No UV radiation.


Perfect for highlighting artworks in exhibitions, art galleries, showrooms, storesand other commercial applications.

產品代碼: SA-010S/HT4-413B. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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