防電等級一等級 CoB 旋轉360° 擺動90° 驅動內置 SA-8510 HT4-BA35S 出光圖 ERP

Lighting Dimension



‧Eco-friendly CoB technology provide better energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧New bracket design with internal wiring, 355° degree rotate and 90° tilting.
‧Different Angles reflectors for customer to choose for different application.
‧Anti-Dazzle front trim design provide a good glaring control effect.
‧Built-in Driver in Titan standard Gear box, TUV certificated easy for customer to install.
‧Transparent glass/PC cover on the front to protect the CoB chip and easy clean.
‧Accessories available for SA-8510, SA-8710 can
meet lighting designs special request.
‧Reliable passive thermal management guarantees a long lifespan.


Precise light distribution is good for highlighting artworks and exhibitions, art galleries, showrooms, stores, and other commercial applications.

產品代碼: SA-8701S/HT4-22JK. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve

SA-8510 HT4-BA35S 配光

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