防電等級一等級 CoB 截光角30° 驅動內置 BA-111R 122R 出光图

Lighting Dimension

BA-111R 尺寸图


‧Equipped with new CoB technology to provide sufficient lumen package in wall mounted light.
‧Transparent PC front cover to protect the CoB chip, easy for end-user to clean the surface.
‧Special texture painting create a better quality effect.
‧Eco-friendly light source CoB with good energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧Different angles of optical reflector ready for customer to chose for different light effect.
‧Deep cut-off angle provide better glaring control and comfortable lighting effect.
‧Built-in driver easy for customer to install.


With uniform light distribution and wall-mounted application, perfect for coffee shop, restaurant, reception area.

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