防電等級三等級 点光源 挖孔150X150 IP54 出線300 截光角20° 出光图 不可覆蓋 ERP

Lighting Dimension



‧Economic luminaire design with different lumen package to replace existed Halogen lamp (50W) and PLC down light from 1*10W up to 2*26W.
‧Products of full range size ready for different cut out request.
‧Easy change driver to meet different lighting lumen applications.
‧Deep Cut-off angle and 80 degree beam distribution provide good lighting effect and glaring control.
‧High-efficient Diffuser with special structure surface create very uniform light emitting surface.
‧Good thermal management ensure long life time span, 50,000 hours design spec.
‧Two springs on the sides, very easy to replace the existed PLC down light.


General lighting for residential and commercial application, especially good for high-end but budget oriented projects.

產品代碼: dg-606d. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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