防電等級三等級 CoB 挖孔200 IP44 出線350 UGR<19 截光角30° 基礎照明 出光圖 不可覆蓋

Lighting Dimension

DG-996R 尺寸图


‧IP44 on the front, very easy for end-user to clean the surface.
‧Narrow to wide beam angle (from 10°~60°) offers different effects.
‧Product series is with full range of size to fit in cut out from 75mm to 200mm.
‧Eco-friendly technology of CoB with the energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧Good thermal management guarantees long lifespan.
‧30° cut-off angle to create visual comfort.
‧The series is designed with efficient glare control, the UGR index for all product line is under 19.
‧Easy to be installed with two springs mechanism.


General lighting for hotels, bathrooms, kitchen, showrooms, and other commercial spaces.

產品代碼: DG-993R Series. 產品分類: .