防電等級一等級 单晶O  驅動內置 UGR<19 WG-L102D-出光

Lighting Dimension



‧A linear recessed Downlight with different lumen package is good for office application.
‧Luminaire body designed with aluminum profile, side plates, and PC optical lens without visible screw, perfect for architectural design.
‧Luminaire height is very thin, only 63mm for total height, perfect for limited false ceiling space.
‧Anti-glaring design offers visual comfort for the office application; UGR<16 and 19 by different length.
‧Special Driver box design with patent is integrated on the top of luminaire body, good for easy installation and future maintenance.
‧Product family is designed as connectable applicaion for whole series.
‧Optical lens 30º and 90º are available on request.


The innovative linear recessed downlight offers good anti-glaring control; good for workstation lighting in office, school, and conference room.

產品代碼: DG-L112D. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve

DG- L112D配光图

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