防電等級三等級 CoB 挖孔75 出線300 旋轉355° 擺動30° 出光图 洗墙 不可覆蓋 ERP

Lighting Dimension



‧Downlight family with neat trim and light direction adjustable perfect for restaurant and hospitality application.
‧Product family is with rotating 355° and tilting angle bigger than 30°.
‧Eco-friendly CoB chip is with the energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧Efficient thermal management guarantees a long lifespan.
‧Sculptured glass on the front to protect CoB chip.
‧Module light engine design, very easy for customer to change the beam-angle reflector at site.
‧Customer can keep luminaire frame and accessories separately to increase the interior design flexibility.
‧Optional accessories ready, reflector with golden color and honeycomb.
‧Color rendering better than Ra90.


Uniform light output with spot, general lighting and wall-washing effectis good for hotel, bar and restaurant.

產品代碼: dw-383r. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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