防電等級三等級 点光源 WG-L102D-出光 UGR<22

Lighting Dimension



‧A linear light with compact mechanism can well fit in Titan Micro track system and looks very clean and solid.
‧With a new push-in button adapter design, LGM series is easy to adjust the light position.
‧With bridge rectifier integrated into the adapter, installer can install the linear light into each direction.
‧The Linear light is equipped with new anti-glare diffuser, create a very comfortable visual effect.
‧Rendering index Ra90 perfect for hospitality application.
‧There are two sizes of the LGM family ready for customer to choose.
‧Eco-friendly LED chip good for energy saving and low maintenance cost.


Micro linear lights with its uniform light emission meets architecture request. LGM series is a track general-lighting solution, combine with track spot light, perfect good for bar ,restaurant and living room to create a stylish and warm atmosphere.

產品代碼: SA-532B/TU-223. 產品分類: .

Photometric Curve


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