防電等級一等級 点光源 旋轉360° 擺動90° 驅動內置 可調光 SW-010S出光圖

Lighting Dimension

SL-011S 尺寸圖


‧State-of- art heat sink design provide the needed lumen package on tube shape spot light.
‧Eco-friendly CoB chip with the energy saving and low maintenance cost.
‧Clean bracket with internal wiring, 355° rotate and 180° tilt.
‧Different angles reflector for customer to choose in different applications.
‧Transparent glass on the front to protect the CoB chip and easy clean for customer.
‧With honey comb and accessaries available for customer to choose.
‧Driver built-in for customer easy to install.


Neat and clean luminaire design with uniform light distribution is perfect for highlighting artworks and exhibitions, art galleries, showrooms, stores, and other commercial applications.

產品代碼: SL-011S/HT4-413B. 產品分類: .